Marble Window Sills for Flooring SupplyWhen constructing a new build, one of the mistakes future owners try to avoid is the combining of different surface materials that do not match. Ideally, the idea is to find a material that is durable and visually pleasing. Marble is a surface that meets these two requirements, and the reason why it has remained as a first- choice building material over the centuries. Antique Greece, Roman Empire—these were civilizations that used marble for their most sacred constructions, and today it is being used by contractors and developers as the go-to material when luxury, cleanliness, and beauty are the main goals.

Why Flooring Supply Stores Prefer Stonexchange Marble Window Sills

At Stonexchange, our best-selling products are our marble window sills exclusively created with interior design purposes. We offer different types of marble window sills in order to satisfy our different client’s needs and style preferences. It is all about making it easy for the client when trying to match the floor with the rest of the house’s materials. The marble window sills we offer are:

  • Travertine and Crema Sahara: These natural stone sills are preferred for its beautiful cream color that makes them easy to match with other materials such as different woodworks and paint colors.


  • White Carrara and Pure White Thazoz: These marble sills will give your residence a look of impeccability. They are perfect for homes that want to adopt a modern look with picture windows and modern steel decorations.


  • Absolute Black Granite: This sill is ideal if designers who want to give their kitchen a modern and luxurious look. It is easier to clean than clear marble and due to its dark color, it is not so quick to show stains. Absolute Black Granite is perfect for those who are not afraid to be bold!

Among the different types of natural stone window sills, Stonexchange also offer and thresholds and shower caddies. We also stock Euro Beige, Bardiglio Gray, and Emperador Brown.

The Benefits of Choosing Marble

It all depends on each one’s personal style. These stones are all widely preferred by flooring supply stores due to their color neutrality that makes them an easy sell. They can be combined with different surfaces without it turning into a poor visual result yet, giving a new build the final touch it needs. Apart from its aesthetics, marble is a durable material that can withstand heavy traffic. Marble is stain free, water resistant and overall, strong. These qualities make it the practical and beautiful way to go when working on a new residential project.

Need a Marble Re-Stocking?

Your business will eventually need to restock. When that happens, can contact Stonexchange. We are all about pleasing our customers and providing them with the best materials in the market! You can contact us online to learn more about our company, our products, and how we can provide you with the best of what we have. You can also call one of our representatives at 305-731-2400.