Shower Shelves That Won’t Rust: The Beauty of Natural Stone Soap ShelvesWhen designing a powder room for a residential client or a large hospitality center, it’s the little details that matter. While you’re choosing the right marble for the shower walls, take a moment to consider the storage in this vital area. Hanging shelves that are suspended from a showerhead are an eyesore, and any type of metal shelf will be prone to rusting. Alternatively, pressure-mounted shelves can damage the finish on your ceiling.

There’s a better option that will add class to any project and make bathrooms of all sizes feel more luxurious. Whether you’re designing your own home or creating the right look for a hotel project, consider making the switch from metal or plastic shelves to beautiful natural stone soap shelves.

The Perfect Color Choice

Stone soap shelves are available in the most popular colors, including black granite, travertine, and Nuevo White Carrara. When you purchase stone shelves that are made of the same material as your tiles, you can be assured of a perfect color and style match every time. Rather than being an eyesore, the shelves will blend seamlessly and become a valuable asset to the space. Nestled into the corner or floating along the walls, the shelves you choose will form the perfect finishing touch for your bathroom project, and you’ll love the clean lines.

Customized to Your Needs

When you buy shelves after the fact, you have to settle for what’s on the market and hope that you can make it work. When you’re designing the shower with built-in shelves, you can choose layouts that perfectly suit your needs and will provide you with all the extra storage you need.

Many builders install just a few shelves in the corners, but you don’t have to stop there. A solid row along the longest wall of the shower will create an abundance of storage space, or you can layer three or more shelves in one corner to store soap, shampoo, and other items.

When designing for a hotel where the needs of the users will change regularly, one or two shelves in each corner will suit the needs of most visitors. Stone shelves are extremely versatile, so it’s easy to customize the look and design to suit your style and project.

Beyond the Shower

Attractive stone soap shelves aren’t just for the shower walls, either. Installed around the sink or window, they can become an attractive element of the powder room while creating additional storage areas for perfume and little decorative touches. Use corner shelves in the area near the sink, or install a long shelf as a border under the window. The shelves can be installed anywhere that more storage is desirable, and using the same stone that graces your shower walls helps tie everything together for a sophisticated look. In addition to using natural stone shelves in the bathroom, they can also be installed along kitchen windows, over the backsplash of your counter, and in other areas.

Functional Considerations

Metal shelves are typically coated in a special material to prevent rusting, but the material wears away over time. Natural stone doesn’t require any coatings to keep it looking great because the makeup of the material is consistent throughout the item. Where metal will start showing rust and signs of wear after just a few years, natural stone shelves will last for decades.

Another problem with metal shelves is that they typically feature a wire construction for easy drainage, and this can make it difficult to store items on the shelves. Stone shelves don’t have this challenge because they feature smooth bases that can hold objects of any size. Wire shelves are usually designed to hang from a central point, so it’s easy for them to shift as items are added to or taken from the shelf. Stone shelves, on the other hand, are affixed in place. You can store heavy items on either side without fear of tipping the balance.

Ease of Maintenance

Trying to clean wire shelves can be an exercise in frustration. Removing the soap scum from all the wires and connection points can be practically impossible, but cleaning a soap shelf requires nothing more than some elbow grease and a gentle cleanser. They’re angled slightly for efficient drainage, and simply wiping off the shelf after a shower will help keep most dirt and stains away. This makes stone shelves an ideal choice for hotels, hospitality centers, and busy homeowners alike.

The Cost-Effective Choice

When you’re working with a tight budget, you may be concerned about the cost of natural stone. However, it’s important to weigh the minor cost of these shelves against the expense associated with replacing wire shelves every few years. Rather than buying new shelves every three to four years, you can simply continue enjoying the natural stones shelves that are installed along with the rest of the tiles.

You’ll save time, money, and frustration in the long run when you choose quality from the moment of installation. You can save even more on stone shelves when you work with the right supplier. Rather than going to your neighborhood store and paying retail, choose a wholesaler that can provide you with selection, quality, and great service.

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